The official M Brand website just published an interview with Dominique Gargiulo, head of marketing for M automobiles at BMW GmbH. It ‘s a quick interview that is full the details that we haven ‘t seen yet on the event.

Mr Gargiulo, “The M Festival” – what is it about?

Gargiulo: Fun and excitement, the smell of gasoline, the M Community. M – the most powerful letter in the world – invites all fans and drivers of M cars to the Nürburgring for four days of joint celebration.

Q: Why the Nürburgring?

A: Because the North Loop of the Nürburgring is where BMW M automobiles regularly celebrate glorious victories. Just think of the BMW M3 GT2 at last year’s 24h event. But more than that, it is the place where every M automobile has its typical characteristics, its M genes, instilled into it.

Q: Will the M Festival be taking place throughout the entire 24h race from June 23 to June 26, 2011?

A: Yes it will. Our guests will have the chance to follow the racing events up close, from start to finish. We have even reserved our own spectator areas, just to make sure. And that is not all – we also plan pit visits, interviews with drivers, and even helicopter flights over the track. But the M Festival has even more to offer.

Q: You’re talking about the M Night at the end of day one?

A: That is just one example. At that evening event, we will be taking the opportunity to exclusively present two brand-new M automobiles for the very first time – for the enjoyment of our most faithful customers and fans.

Q: One of the attractions of Friday’s programme is the M Parade.

A: Yes, that’s right. The first hundred participants to register their M automobile can also take part in the M Parade. The parade will encircle the North Loop of the Nürburgring with nothing but M vehicles, accompanied by the enthusiastic support of fans and spectators.

Q: What can guests expect for the start of the 24h race on Saturday afternoon?

A: At 4.00pm, 200 M fans will be able to watch the start of the race from the M Power stand; we have exclusively booked their places especially for them. We expect two BMW Motorsport M3 cars to take part, along with numerous private teams with their M racing cars. There will be plenty of opportunities to witness the events of the race from up close, throughout the entire contest. And who knows – maybe this year’s race will be another triumphant success for the BWM M3, just like it was last year.

Q: But the so-called “Hatzenbach Hill” remains the centre of all the activities, does it not?

A: A stage has been specially constructed for an ongoing programme that will take place over all four days, including various music groups, with drivers and representatives of BMW M talking and answering questions, all for the purpose of celebrating the most powerful letter in the world together with the unique M Community.

Q: Where will guests be able to sleep?

A: I’m sure there will be a few fans who will get by on minimal sleep (laughs). But for the others, there will be several options: first of all, guests can rent a tent, that comes with a sleeping bag and camping mat, which users may take away with them after the event. Naturally, the tent displays M branding, making it a particularly attractive souvenir for all M fans. It is also possible to rent a room at the Center Park Eifel, located nearby. You will find further details, including information on other accommodation options, and a booking service for you and your friends on our website.

Q: By the sound of it, this is going to be a pretty unforgettable event. So how much does it cost?

A: The cost is 269 euros per person, and it includes the entire programme as listed on the website, as well as a guarded M parking space. Just the sight of all the M vehicles parked in the car park will be worth the price of entry alone. BMW M and several BMW sales organisations are contributing to the cost, to make the price of participating as attractive as possible.

Q: Are you going to be there?

A: But of course. We have been dreaming of organising an event like this for years. All of us are already really looking forward to the M Festival together with our M customers and M fans!

You can register for the festival here.