Behold, the F30 3 Series in all its glory. The shot above (along with a full collection of them) were spied today in Spain by an intrepid BMW fan. But what do these photos really tell us? Lets break it down…

There is no car more important to BMW ‘s bottom line than the 3 Series and clearly BMW has taken a conservative approach with the F30. With what appears a mix of 5 Series design language and traditional 3 Series shape, the F30 looks to be an undeniably attractive car that BMW hopes moves the bar up a couple of notches in the crowded sports sedan market.

A couple of design notes:

– Square angel eyes that give the car a more aggressive look
– Chrome trim front and back will likely be available in black in sport models (a la the F20 1 Series
– Inside we clearly see a HUD (heads-up display) in front of the steering wheel) and a 6 Series like floating entertainment screen
– A center dash speaker likely means the addition of a Logic7 sound system as optional
– As rumored here and elsewhere, the side repeater lights have moved up to the mirrors due to new EU regulations

Source: BMW FAQ via

Image Credit: BMW FAQ