Updated: Problem solved. Our suspicions have proven true and Insideline didn ‘t quite get the whole story. According to Autoblog and their sources at BMW (good ones we hear) the F31 3 Series wagon WILL come to the US.

The US wagon saga continues with yet another quote from a BMW executive. However in contrast to BMWNA recently retired CEO Jim O ‘Donnel, BMW Board member Ian Robertson thinks that a 3 Series wagon doesn ‘t work financially in the US. Insideline is quoting Mr. Robertson as saying that BMW has no plans to import the forthcoming her wagon. It sounds like a stake in the heart of the F31 for the US market but we can ‘t help but feel a little suspicious given that the article doesn ‘t directly quote Robertson as saying the F31 is dead in the US.

But you be the judge. Here ‘s the non-quote in question:

>While the introduction of diesel remains a possibility, BMW has no plans to import the forthcoming 3 Series Touring, despite its accounting for almost half of 3 Series sales in Europe. Robertson says BMW ‘s own figures suggest they ‘d be unable to sell more than a thousand a year in the U.S., making the model unviable. “The sport-activity vehicle is still dominant in the U.S. There would need to be a major change in behavior to make the Touring a success. ”

Yes it ‘s only that last quote that directly relates to the subject. Do we believe it? It ‘s hard to say given the vague quote but we ‘ve heard it before and I ‘m sure we ‘ll hear more on this soon.