Motor Trend has the latest on the sport car side of the BMW/Toyota joint venture and things are looking promising. And also surprising. According to the article the jointly developed sports car project had already begun when the joint venture was announced in December of 2011. And the person who green-lit the project was none other than Toyota boss Akio Toyoda. The same man who pushed the Lexus LFA and Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S

What about the philosophy behind the car? The driving force behind the car will be none-other than GT86/FR-S chief engineer Tetsuya Tada. Here ‘s a direct quote from the article:

>According to our sources, Tada has already visited BMW multiple times in the past year or so. He said in a March interview on Toyota ‘s official U.K. blog that he was planning to head to Munich after the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to sit down with BMW execs over some beer and bratwurst. “I am hoping for a synergy effect with BMW that will result in a product that none of us could have imagined; something more than anyone expects. I would like that to be something like a sports car, ” Tada said in the interview. “I would even go so far as to say that for the collaboration to work we have to bring a product which exceeds all these expectations. ”

Expect dramatic styling differences from the two companies offerings rather than the subtle trim differences seen on the BRZ and the FRS. Additionally we would expect a BMW engine to be at the heart of the drive-train. But don ‘t be surprised to see some sort of hybrid drive at work as well.

You can read more over at Motor Trend.