BMW i8 Key Fob

The BMW i8 is ground breaking in the sports car segment in many ways- but the last thing most of us were expecting was for it to set the standards for a key fob. Containing its own high resolution LCD display it is reportedly able to show charge levels, time on charge as well as the distance the vehicle can travel before recharging/fueling. It is like having a dedicated smart phone linked to the car. It will feature the typical key fob buttons and as well as shortcuts that can be user defined- preconditioning the car etc.

BMW i8 Key Docked

The new key is something special if this information from BMW insider Herr 26 is to be believed- the keys we have seen thus far at events have all been generic prototypes in nature so it seems that this leaked image of the key fob may be what BMW has been working on behind closed doors.

The i8 is a truly exciting machine in many ways; ecotech is putting it mildly. We love it.