The new M5 features a revised S63 4.4L V8 with two turbos, direct injection and variable valve timing. That all adds up to an undisclosed power output over 600 hp, over 500 ft lbs of torque and a 0-60 time of under 3.5 seconds. And yes, BMW has finally caved and put all wheel drive on an M car. On one hand it makes sense. This is meant to be ultra fast executive transportation – not a car that lives on the edge. It’s good new/bad news. The new xDrive system allows for a sport mode and a full rear wheel drive option. The downside is the 140 lbs of weight the system adds to an already heavy car. Weight figures we’ve seen peg the new M5 around 4,200 lbs in Euro form which is over 100 lbs lighter than the previous M5. So what BMW has done here is add all wheel drive without a weight penalty while keeping knife edge rear wheel drive as an option. Not bad.


The manual is dead but we expect most M5 buyers won’t even notice. It was only offered in the US in the last generation and had a take rate in the low single digits. What is going to be more concerning to those buyers is that BMWM has opted to ditch the DCT (due to the amount of torque) and offer only a 8 speed ZF automatic (yup that one). It’s been thoroughly tweaked by M and is said to compare well to the previous DCT.

Our verdict will come later this year but early returns look good. If you read some of the initial reviews we posted earlier today you’ll know all these stats add up to a car that seems to right several of the key wrongs from the previous car. It also seems to compare very well to the new E63 which is also AWD and auto only.