The 2019 BMW CS is undergoing final testing at the ‘Ring this summer and we have the video to prove it. What is the CS? The M2 Club Sport (as it will be informally known) will have two key ingredients that will separate it from the standard car. First the M4’s S55 twin turbo inline six (which is why you’ll see more cooling in the front of the car). We expect the CS to be detuned from the M3/M4 but offer just over 400 hp and 370ft lbs torque. With the optional DCT it should be easily in the low 4s to 60 mph.

The other key ingredient will be a reduction in weight. Rumors point to an aluminium roof, composite panels, thinner glass, lighter suspension components and stripped-back sports seats. Word is that the CS will be around 50 lbs lighter despite having more robust components.

Rumors point to production beginning in March of 2018.