The all new BMW 2 Series is the next and likely the last all petrol small rear wheel drive coupe from the brand. Does that make it peak BMW or an awkward transition into full electric? Let’s get started dissecting.

The 2022 BMW 2 Series is longer, wider and heavier than before. That’s the unfortunate side affect of BMW consolidating it’s platforms and forcing the smallest BMW to be based on the CLAR platform – the same one that underpins the 3, 5 and 7 Series. That means both models have grown in almost every way.

BMW M240i

The base BMW 230i Coupe is 4.3-inches longer, 2.6 inches wider, 1.0-inch lower than the 1st Generation 230i Coupe. The new BMW M240i xDrive is 3.5-inches longer, 2.6-inches wider, 0.1-inch lower than the M240i xDrive Coupe it replaces. Crucially that increase in length isn’t just from overhangs. Both models have a 2.0-inch longer wheelbase meaning that the classic short overhang look is still (mostly) here. All told these new dimension points to a car that will likely be capable of even grip than the outgoing car.

2022 BMW M240i

Unsurprisingly weight has also increased despite the use of aluminum on the hood and front fenders. The rear wheel drive 230i (the lightest in the range) comes in 3,519 lbs while the M240i xDrive weights an eye-brow raising 3,871 lbs. For reference the BMW 1M weighed just over 3,296 lbs when it launched in 2011. That’s a gaudy 575 lbs difference. Even the last M2 Competition is 288 lbs lighter at 3,583 lbs. What that does to the dynamics is still unknown but a lot will be talked about this growth leading up to press drives later this year.

As you likely guessed there’s no manual on offer in either model. In its place is the venerable 8 Speed ZF automatic transmission. Like on the 3 Series BMW has killed it for the US market making the forthcoming M2 and the current M3 and M4 the last BMWs to offer it. Instead there’s the venerable 8 Speed ZF automatic featuring hardware and software enhancements.

On the positive front the new 2 Series takes its suspension design from the 3 Series. That includes the lift-related dampers as standard and an M Sport differential on the M240i. How does this translate to the driving experience? We won’t know until later this year. But it’s safe to say what all of these numbers indicate is a more mature and refined 2 Series.