Last year we were the first publication to report that the BMW X7 LCI would be getting the coveted Highway Assistant option. However at the time it was unclear exactly when we’d see it. We now had the exact timing of the option’s launch and how it will work.

The Highway Assistant as an option for those who commute on major highways will soon prove to be essential. How do we know? Having sampled it in the new i7 ad 760i we found it to be nothing short of a revelation. Highway Assist allows for total control of the car up to 82 mph, Highway Assist is a game changer for road trip as it takes over full control of driving on all major highways in the US. And with a cost of only $2,100 it actually feels reasonably priced given what it can do.

Starting with April production, Highway Assistant will be offered on the BMW X7 as part of the Driver Assistance Professional Package. This suite of Advance Driving Assistance Systems allows for attentive hands-free driving on limited access highways at speeds up to 85 mph.

Unfortunately BMW cannot retrofit current X7s (even the 2023 LCI models) with this option. While that’s surely disappointing news for some that have already taken delivery of the LCI X7, it’s the final clarification many have been waiting for.