Video: BMW M6 Gran Coupe Inside & Out

The M6 Gran Coupe stole our hearts a bit this week with it\'s curves, M centric stance and overall proportions. It\'s the M car we\'ve been waiting for more than anything since the 1M. And now that we\'ve seen the photos, we want even more. Luckily BMW has obliged with these videos which give us a look inside and out.

BMW UK M6 Promotional Video Reminds Us Why It May be the Best M6 Ever

The BMW M6 is the pinnacle of the M Division by numbers and market position. And at $106,995 it better be damned impressive. Luckily it\'s more than impressive combining BMW\'s best technology with greater power, efficiency and control as compared to the last M6. We\'ve now driven both the convertible and coupe (check out the reviews below) and have come away thoroughly impressed by the new the M6.

First Drive Review: 2013 BMW M6 Coupe

Over the years we\'ve harped on the previous generation M6 a ton here at BimmerFile. From its lackluster chassis dynamics to the questionable \"power\" button the E63 M6 wasn\'t M\'s finest moment. But BMW has moved on and so have we with turbo power and a focus on broadening appeal while creating better all-around cars. But does the all new 2013 BMW M6 buck that trend?