The M3 GTS Beats the CSL on the \’Ring (Barely)

This month ‘s German publication Sport Auto has the time we ‘ve been waiting for. Yes the GTS has finally been timed on the ring by the magazine that is famous for measuring all cars on the famed 14 mile track. The time is the lowest ever recorded by a factory BMW: 7:48. However it ‘s only a scant 2 seconds faster than the 7 year old M3 CSL. And keep in mind the CSL cost substantially less than the $170k GTS.

But as our friend Axle points out, this time is a full 17 seconds faster than the standard E92 M3 on tires that aren ‘t as aggressive as the cup tires on the CSL.


BMW Times on the ‘Ring / BimmerFile

(Source M3post)

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  • I wonder if they use a control tire or what ever comes stock. The CSL came with some nice track tires if I remember right….

  • Gabe, the importent thing is: The E92 M3 GTS is 17sec faster then the standard E92 M3. The 2sec time difference is a result of the “hardcore” semi slick tires on the CSL. The GTS also has also semi slick tires, but modern ones with better road capability. The handicap is these tires are not so sticky as the Michelin Sport Cup on the CSL.

  • JonPD

    Still have to say the CSL remains at the above the GTS of my personal M3 list. The top spot of course still belongs to the E46 GTR, I had a chance to see this car in person many years ago while being ran by Schnitzer Motorsports (I personally don’t think any BMW will ever even come close to this car again).

    Great results on the GTS still!

  • Interesting to see how little progress has been made from one generation to the next in terms of lap times with these race equipped models. Is a more advanced suspension, bigger motor, better transmissions and bigger wheels really all that better/quicker? Seems like a good set of tires is the best bang for the buck in the long run…

  • JonPD

    Better set of tires and much less weight and bulk I don’t think hurts either.

    I agree that its odd to see so little difference, kinda makes me wonder if they are developing the cars for a certain level of performance and thus end up with such similar times.

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