BimmerFile Interviews BMW & We Want Your Questions


Next week at NAIAS we ‘ll be interview a bevy of BMW executives. As we did last year we ‘ll be bringing you each interview via BimmerCasts and asking the kind of tough questions we ‘re often asking ourselves. But we also want your questions to be part of each interview. So we ‘re inviting the BF readers to submit your questions and requests for BMW and us below in the comment section. And what about a specific shot of the 1M or the new 6 Series? Large or small, let us know what you want to hear about and see.

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  • JT

    Will BMW bring out more diesel vehicles?

  • Will there be a US bound 4-dr variant of the 1-series in the future (sedan or hatch)?

  • IppoJ

    I know I’m not alone in wanting an enthusiast-friendly 3 or 5 series “x”, as in a 335xiS or even better an M3x! Blasphemous, I know but if one were available my wife would have me buy one today. I understand that RWD is BMW’s signature philosophy but I’ve driven some very capable and fun AWD vehicles, and I would love for BMW to have one or two available. The harsh reality of climate means that my wife refuses to drive my M3 (with winter tires) in the winter and I don’t blame her. I don’t think an X5M would thrill me in the warmer months and after owning an M3 it’s difficult for me to talk myself into moving ‘down’ to just a 335ix.

  • Woo Hoo

    enough already with the FWD talk! USE a sub brand?!

    I live in Germany, for DOD. Land Rover, Volvo, and VW, honor US Factory warranties. Why can’t BMW NA warranty be honored by BMW AG?

  • Micah

    Will X1 be available with a 3-pedal manual transmission in the North American market? Why was the X3 not offered with a diesel and/or manual in this market? They are built as such in S. Carolina, yet all shipped to overseas!

    Any plans for lighter more hardcore version of 1M? 3300 lbs is still a lot of weight for a relatively small car.

  • JonPD

    Would love to see if BF opinion on why the E89 might see another ///M variant.

  • Natextr

    My question: Why can’t we have vehicles like the 335iT? The engine is federalized, the chassis is federalized, the techs at BMW dealers are familiar with the individual components; if the client agreed to BUY the car via ED, there is literally no reason why this couldn’t be done. I am not asking to the engine out of a 550 into a 1er, or even a motor that isn’t federalized but within a specific series, why not?

  • Jon

    Why no 1-series hatch in USA?

    Surely the success of BMW’s little brother, MINI, in the United States can illustrate that hatchback actually DO sell here in a America.

    Come on, BMW!



    Since the arrival of the F10 5-series, there have been numerous complaints from many different reviewers about the Electric Power Steering in your newer vehicles. “Lack of feedback” is a common complaint. How do you plan to address this problem?

  • CCBiggs

    Tell us what the MSRP will be for the 1M!!!!!

    • As for the 1M pricing- one of us may have already said it, but I am sure the news will be front and center at NAIAS.

  • Leif W.

    Will there be any sort of special version of the 328 before the current boddy style ends? 328is perhaps? Or will there be a 335is Sedan?

    Thanks, Leif Wennerstrom

  • Brian

    DCT in the M1…..please bring it to the USA…..when you do I’ll buy it….if not Porsche is getting my money.

  • 1M/Mopar

    We all know 1M was on tight budget.. We have no complain about the car but the engine. Couldn’t you differentiate 1M engine from the other N54 power cars a bit more i.e. bigger turbos and bigger intercooler? The engine is great but it looks like a regular N54 and has the same power as “iS” models.

  • 03beastcharmer

    New levels of technology were announced at CES. Will the new levels of integration start appearing on the current 5 and next 3 series or will it be the next round? Mainly asking about the new nav monitors GUI and this partnership with AT&T.

    also with transition of BMW NA leadership can we get a hint of things to come.

    1 more. Dipstick. I know the systems can monitor the oil, but is there any thought of having a dipstick as a backup.

  • Tim

    What happened to the adjustable bolsters on the F10. Europe gets them we don’t. BMW Comfort Seats are a big differentiator when compared to others in this class and it seems you through in the towel to save a few bucks.

  • Stacy

    I would love the 1M, but I’m really don’t like the colors. I know, shallow. Please offer a non-metallic red or a blue, perhaps Laguna Seca Blue. It is a car I would like to keep forever and it pains me to order it in a color that I’m not in love with. PS…. I would pay extra for a color from the M3 color line.

    I also second the AWD performance series question. I live in Colorado and would love it!

  • andy

    I’m between buying a 1m in the spring or waiting a few months more and buying a VW Golf R. The golf R will have four doors, all wheel drive, more horse power. Please ask them Why should I buy the 1M?

  • broadstreetbob

    Same question that I always have: is BMW planning to bring a 5 series diesel to the U.S.? If so, when and which one? 535d? 530d? They can count on me for at least one sale. I’d be even be interested in a 5GTd — all that space witht the massive torque and fuel efficiency of a diesel. I’ve toyed with buying the X5d, but it’s just too soccer-mom-ish for me.

  • Ravaglia

    golf r, if it ever shows up, will have roughly 65bhp less that 1m and a haldex all wheel drive (which is not a `real’ all wheel drive like quattro or subaru’s system). plus, if they (vw) proceed like with r32, it will be 2door only and dsg only.

  • Raider

    You should ask about when will they launch the much-anticipated new petrol (2.0?) turbos? and how they will fit in the line-ups…i.e if they will replace the N53’s

  • Why are you killing the M heritage with turbos and low revving motors?

  • Marc Bellavia

    Many M car owners and prospective buyers are very concerned about the direction away from the ultimate driving machines we love as they move closer and closer to efficient luxury cars. They keep getting bigger and are losing the feel that is a sedan based sports car especially now that turbos seems to be the way the company is meeting tough regulations and mandates.

    What is the company doing to improve upon turbo/engine reliability (on and off the track) and can BMW build turbo cars that don’t run out of steam at 6000rpm that truly deliver ultimate driving machine experiences?

  • Evan

    Any word on the F30’s powerplants- will there truly be no naturally aspirated I6 anymore? If not, will we at least and at last get stop-start here? If they’re on the Efficient Dynamics kick, bring it all over here.

    And please re-iterate our disgust (great disappointment) with not offering the next gen touring here. I understand BMW filling niches with the GT (my opinion need not be restated), so then they should also fill the niche of the touring here in the USA. And then actually MARKET the car.

    And please address the lack of true steering feel in the F10 and how this can not be passed onto the F30. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life driving really old BMWs just to keep a good handling car with true feedback.

    And thank them for bringing over the 1M. I fully understand the manual only and the limited colors. I have no problems with that. I just love that M has made a modern, small model.


  • hardingsan

    ravaglia, you’re off base. the upcoming R will be offered in 2 or 4 doors with a manual as the only transmission option. plus i believe this year is the first that the awd system is not reactive, but on all the time.

  • james

    So the new F12 6er is to have the electric power steering like the F10? I have the F10 and the steering is numb and dead. Please fix the steering for the F12 before US release.

  • SYan

    Would we see more diesel engines available in more BMW modelsin US? 535dxi GT?? X3d? 120d?

  • Chris Stone

    When will you be ending the cross marketing campaign with the US Dish Soap Brand…..JOY, I just don’t get it, is it geared toward housewives or something??