The F20 1 Series M Sport Gets Busted

Even BMW engineers aren ‘t immune to traffic laws. Worldcarfans brings us the first clear shots of the forthcoming F20 1 Series with the M Sport package as it was stopped by the polizei near Munich. The five door F20 hatch won ‘t be coming to the US but that doesn ‘t mean it ‘s not a hugely important car for BMW. This of course will be first of the next generation 1 Series when it debuts later this summer. It will usher in a vastly improved interior, upgraded engines and a much wider array technology not typically found in small cars (think 5 Series).

A couple of interesting things you can see in the photo above. For one the front clip has three functional air intakes. It looks like there are two closer to the center for brakes and one on the right side (on this car at least) that is tied to cooling the engine. It ‘s a similar to what BMW uses on many of it ‘s turbo-charged cars and more specifically to the current 135i.

It also looks great. Take the fake headlight covers off (meant to look larger than they are) and you start to quickly see a more taut and athletic looking 1 Series hatch. We can ‘t wait.

You can read much more on the F20 (including our first-hand account of the car) in BimmerFile ‘s F20 section. One you ‘re done head over to see more photos over at Worldcarfans.

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  • Adam

    Well we only got till the end of this month to find out what this 1er will look like, but irregardless i’m excited, the current 1 just doesnt quite have the elegance of the 3er coupe, its nothing to do with how short or compact it is, its just more to do with how most of the shapes are upright and tall raither than low slung.  Thats just me though. 

  • I am praying the 5 door model makes it to the U.S. shores because I really want this to be my next car.  I am thinking 128i with M-Sport package.  The new turbo inline 4 and 6 speed manual transmission will make me uber happy!!

  • goat

     And I would LOVE to see this form a wagon variant (the 5-door hatch) and have it sold in Canada. Or maybe we’ll see a 1-series sedan sold in N.America as the 3-series continues to grow and leaves room for a small euro premium sedan / wagon to fill its place?  

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m not one for 4dr sedans, but its damn odd that BMW offers nothing below the 3 here with 4drs, not to mention 5 (especially since they already make it).

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping BMW re-thinks this coupe only strategy for this car in the US. Lexus has started with some expensive hybrid 5 door, and I’m sure they’ll have no trouble selling them. Its a very practical form-factor, and for somebody who likes BMW’s if forces you into other manufacturers product.

    Just for fun, some E30 touring on BAT: