Cars have been on a growth pattern for many years so seeing the picture below isn ‘t surprising. But it ‘s interesting nonetheless. The image (courtesy of Auto Express) shows the new F20 being longer and taller. What it doesn ‘t show is it ‘s quite a bit wider – even more so than the width of the E46 3 Series.

The exterior design (as seen above courtesy of Autobilde) will take on the new BMW corporate face introduced on the CS concept two years ago. Gone are the flares and shapes that saw the E8X 1er look awkward at times and in their place a more grounded and simplified appearance.

Look for the three and five door hatch back to arrive late in 2011 (as 2012 models) and the coupe and convertible to hit showrooms a year later in late 2012.

Engines will grow in power and sophistication along with the car itself. Here ‘s the list of models and associated engine output as it stands now:

– 116i 1.6L Turbo 134 HP
– 118i 1.6L Turbo 154 HP
– 120i 2.0L Turbo 182 HP
– 125i 2.0L Turbo 215 HP
– 130i 2.0L Turbo 249 HP
– 135i 3.0L Turbo 300 HP

On the diesel front the engines will remain similar to the current range:

– 116d 2.0L 120 HP
– 118d 2.0L 148 HP
– 120d 2.0L 181 HP
– 123d 2.0L 200 HP

We expect the 1M to continue on with the new body style using the current N54 derived engine pumping out around 340-350 hp.