Rumor: F80 2014 M3 Gets Inline Six

According to one of our sources the next generation M3 sedan will not be powered by the feared V6 engine. BMW M has been experimenting with various engine configurations for the new generation M3, ranging from a naturally aspirated V8, twin turbo V8 and V6 setups to the much rumored tri-turbo inline 6.

Our source indicates that while the people at M pushed hard for the V6 because of the packaging and performance benefits the board shot it down. The board had a few reasons, namely the idea of a V6 in a BMW (let alone an M) and cost. The bespoke block and setup for the V6 would have required the car increase in price more than they were willing to allow and in the end the engine that fit performance (450 hp) and price-point best was the inline six based off the N55.

While this source has been reliable in the past we are still considering this a rumor as we do not have a second source and due to the significant amount of time before the new M3 will enter production in 2013.

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  • Makes sense, seeing how BMW has no other V6 engines

  • Brian

    why didn’t the just make the v8 smaller and add their turbo technology?

    • Anonymous

      Not sure I am following. If they were to make a smaller displacement V8 that would require a newly designed engine just as the V6 does- not cost effective. Can’t just change the bore or Stroke in these things anymore as there is a LOT more to it than that. Also, there are fuel economy targets they need to hit so the smaller the cylinder count the better. 

  • Adam

    Well Michael was right, Gabe was open minded.  I hope this shuts all the forum trolls up about “M has lost its way” BS.

  • Julie

    I’m sure they’ll make it good. 

  • Although I’m a big fan of high-rev normal aspirated engines, that idea seems out of question nowadays so the best and closest approach is the tri-turbo inline-6. 

  • its good to hear they are trying to stay true to their routes somewhat.(ignoring the M SUV’s) V6+BMW sounds terrible.Hearing V6 is something cheap car manufacturers say to make their car seem “powerful”. straight six is the way to go.

  • Shaman

    so relieved.

  • Andrew Popoola

    Amid all the talks about ///M roots, I have decided to let BMW do what it does best: put a smile on an enthusiast’s face when seeing/hearing/driving an ///M.  It seems no matter what they cobble together, like Julie said, it will be good.  

    Everyone decried the Cayenne, yet it allowed Porsche to remain viable and bring more goodies to the market (GT2, GT3, Cayman, Panamera, Cajun…).  And all those products are highly desirable, at least to the enthusiast.  Where else can you get a high performance SUV with a manual transmission? Porsche Cayenne GTS!

    Enough Porsche talk.  The idea here is that if we want BMW to remain a class leading enthusiast creating machine, then we must allow for a few non-standard things.  For example, some might argue the 1M Coupe is hardly an ///M car, but see one/drive one and try to maintain that mindset.

    The M3 is arguably the world’s benchmark, and no iteration has disappointed.  I remember the first time a saw the E9X M3 is pictures…I was unhappy.  Then I drove one, M-DCT and I am in love all over again.  This new one will be good, in its own way, so let’s sit back, relax and watch ///M do its thing.    

  • Anonymous

    Road and Track is now saying the M3 will feature an inline six…. imagine that!

    • Adam

      Michael, its because those idiots and Car and Driver (same publisher) said that the 1M was actually a 135is, remember that?  That is why I dont subscribe to the US mags anymore, cause by the time the web and say Top Gear or Evo picked it up, announced and moved on, the US mags then jump in with the info.