675 HP BMW 5 GT eDrive Prototype a Preview of the Next M5?

BMW is billing this as a Tesla killer for good reason. Buried in the Innovations Days release earlier this week was some light information on a eDrive (plugin hybrid) 5 GT with torque “well into the four digits”. The concept is meant to show the upper end of BMW’s new plug-in hybrid architecture we previewed last spring with the X5 eDrive. The plug and play design of the drivetrain allows for a range of power output from 250 to 650 hp.

While the 5 GT shown here pumps out somewhere near the upper end of that range, there’s also a massive weight penalty considering the turbo inline six, electric motor, all wheel drive and batteries housed in an already hefty shell. However as a concept it’s incredibly interesting given the rumors of a hot i8 for the 2016 model year. Imagine a relatively svelte carbon fiber and aluminum sports car based on the i8 with somewhere over 500 hp and gobs of torque on tap from the very tip-in of the throttle. Not a bad way to celebrate BMW’s 100 year birthday is it?

Or perhaps more interesting imagine a 600 HP version under the hood of the next generation M5 and M6. Both seem more than plausible given this prototype’s polish.

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  • BimmerFile_Michael

    I was behind one of these last week on the autobahn… needless to say the acceleration is insane. If BMW plans on packaging this drivetrain in a smaller more nimble package (read next generation M5 and the i8) things are going to get quite interesting. Let’s not forget if BMW is already showing this tech publicly it is coming to the market. 😉

  • Neal

    Nothing with a gas engine can ever be considered a TESLA killer.

  • Bosozoku

    I just hope M GmbH has figured out the following: 1. Hybrid gas-electric cars are the near-term high-performance solution. 2. Electric-only cars are the long-term high-performance solution.