As we have been reporting, BMW has green lighted the Vision Efficient Dynamics car which made its debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. There is a road worthy prototype being tweaked and tested as you read this. It features the promised three cylinder diesel and two electric motor system as originally promised. This is cutting edge technology packaged in radically styled vehicle.

The slippery exterior features BMWs new and much talked about “air curtains ” to decrease turbulence and drag but the real conversation piece is the aforementioned propulsion system which is capable of exerting 328 horses, has a31 mile electric only range, an estimated fuel economy of around 63 mpg and a total range of 435 miles.BMW states it is as fast as the recently departed M6.

BMW has set 2013 as its goal for the VEDs launch, which happens to be the same time frame as BMWs all electric city car (iSetta) and after the Olympics in London which BMW happens to be the mobility partner for. While pricing is still a long ways out, but according to Bloomberg, BMW indicated that the Vision EfficientDynamics will be priced below Rolls Royce models and higher than all current BMWs. So expect it to fall between the $150,00 760Li and the $245,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, that would be right around $200K in our book.

We love the idea of a supercar that is fuel efficient and spews 30% less junk in the air than its conventional petrol powered competition but is the price tag worth it? This car will not be the fastest or even the most attractive so will its “greeness ” be enough to get the ultra wealthy to dip into their gold toilet fund and buy a car instead? People have said BMW needs a halo vehicle and they are now going to build one, the question is whether the badge on the hood will be viewed as exotic enough to get people that badge shop to buy one. Maybe BMW launches a new brand on the wings of the VED, but when there is a $30k car with the same badge as a $200k car people may just wince.

Source: Bloomberg