BMW themselves have released an interview with Senior Vice President BMW Group Design Adrian Van Hooydonk primarily about the new F20 1 Series. It ‘s an interview unfortunately with BMW ‘s terrible 1 Series European marketing wrapped around it but it ‘s interesting nonetheless.

While we ‘re warming to the new F20 we ‘re still not convinced it ‘s as successful as the new F30 3 Series in overall execution. Perhaps it doesn ‘t matter all that much since our US readers will never get a chance to see the car on US roads. But what about the coupe and convertible?

Our sources have told us that the coupe and convertible will be called a 2 Series and will have some unique front styling that will set it apart from it ‘s 1 Series brethren. While the overall shape will be similar upfront, the headlights reportedly will be tweaked for a sportier appearance. Inside we expect the interior to be carried over largely unchanged – a good thing in our minds.

Look for the F22 Coupe to debut in late 2012 and the F23 Convertible the following spring or summer of 2013.