According to the Automotive News BMWNA is struggling to find buyers for the BMW 8 Series – the halo of the brand. While the vehicle has earned high praise (you can read our glowing review of the M850i here), there has been minimal marketing support for the 8 Series.

Dealers are complaining that the multiple configurations (the thing that we as enthusiasts typically ask for) are hurting their ability to sell the cars as well. The result is that some dealerships have high numbers of inventory which is never good. But it’s especially bad if we’re talking about a high-cost product like the BMW 8 Series. To put this into perspective the sticker on some models approaches $150,000 which means the interest expense is between $400 to $500 a month for dealers.

Unfortunately BMW had planned a full marketing campaign for 8 Series this April. However with the novel coronavirus, BMWNA has halted many marketing expenses.

BMW 8 series BMW X7

Coupe vs. Crossover

The root of this issue is likely tied to the markets move to crossovers and away from coupes and convertibles. Case in point, the 8 Series sold 4,410 in all of 2019. The similar priced X7 crossover sold 3,159 in December alone. Given that, it’s surprising that dealers are even stocking the 8 Series.

What does this mean for the future of the car? The 8 Series Gran Coupe has just been released and will likely be more of a volume seller than the two door coupe and convertible. But despite that, these sales numbers and the overall economic climate might spell doom for the next generation of the 8 Series. Given BMW’s need to plan far ahead in the future, there’s a chance this might be the last 8 Series we see for awhile due to these sales figures so early in the car’s lifecycle. BMW may simply decide to put more focus on crossovers and electrification as consumer desires continue to shift.