BimmerCast #44: Manual vs Auto, 1M Options & the M3 Wagon

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It ‘s a special BimmerCast in that we have two guests on the show. Frequent contributor and BF photographer Matt Adams is on the show along with MotoringFile editor Nathaniel Salzman.

Why? For starters Michael had previous olbigations. But beyond that we wanted to get some opinions on the most devisive topic we ‘ve had in BF in quite some time: auto vs manual. Have an opinion as well? Share them in the comment section. It ‘s certainly no less valid than ours!

We also spend some time on 1M options and argue debate BMW ‘s intentions with option grouping.

Finally we do a little day-dreaming about the potential M3 wagon that is rumored as a potential model in the next year.

Show notes: Yes I ‘m sick. Sorry about that!

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  • GaryS

    I have been driving cars with MT for 35 years. So I was surprised when I drove some BMWs with DCT that I didn’t hate it. There weren’t all these WTF moments as with every other AT I’ve tried. On the other hand, I still couldn’t really enjoy driving a DCT like MT because I love the feeling of operating the clutch and shifter. And living in America, MT also has a huge show-off value. About performance, the DCT can shift faster than I can, but I can shift more smoothly. I’m sure future DCTs will be even better and work more or less perfectly. But I’m pretty sure I will still be driving a manual 10 years from now.

  • chrisM

    Same experience as GaryS. If I had to drive a DCT I wouldn’t complain too much. The reason I like MT so much is you can modulate starts, shifts, to your liking at that very moment, e.g. how aggressive or passive to launch, shift, etc. Whereas with DCT it is all programmed in advance and you have to accept what it does for you.

    By the way, bimmerfile is a great forum. Appreciate all the work and information provided. Thanks.

  • mellowmcs

    The commercial that I remember was of a Subaru Justy. Manual transmission vs CVT. CVT won of course.

  • JonPD

    Will choose the MT every time hands down. To me ATs just take the driver out of the equation and dumbs down the driving experience to me. While its true that F1 and a large number of exotic car builders choose other systems they also have immense budgets to design a quality system and deep pockets to fix it when it breaks. To each their own but I confess with general cars every time I see an auto I just feel like its a expensive and problematic system waiting to self destruct.

    Good to have Matt back on the show btw, I think the the chemistry between Gabe, Michael, and Matt really works.

  • Mr Mowse

    MT for me everytime!

  • Will

    Listening right now! May I ask – what’s your beef with metallic paint? Just don’t like the look of it?

    I’d heard somewhere – from my old man, I think – that metallic paints hold up better over time than non-metallics. But I could be misremembering, or it could be hogwash.

    Thanks – keep up the good work!

  • lava

    Sound quality much improved this time. But skype sound effects a little too often – you should be able to mute those?

    Tell us, what is really the complexity of the DCT? I have heard it said before that they were simpler mechanically than a conventional automatic. Shouldn’t they then, eventually, cost less? Perhaps not less than a MT, but less than an AT?

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