With the release of the Advanced Diesels from BMW our friend, Jonathan Spira, opted to test a variety of oil burning cars and assemble a short review of sorts. The differences in the engines and the performance across brands is interesting and worth noting. High praise appears to warranted for the VW.

If you still think that diesels are slow and noisy, and belch black smoke, you’re not alone—but you probably live in the U.S. Today, diesels in Europe account for roughly 50% of the market. In BMW’s home market of Germany, 70% of BMWs sold are diesels.

But in the United States, the market is minuscule, in part because diesel automobiles acquired a reputation for poor reliability thanks in part to diesel models from Cadillac and Oldsmobile in the 1980s. For some reason, the ultra-reliable Mercedes 240d never seems to be what comes to mind, despite the fact that these cars were typically able to last well over 100,000 miles. (Of course, getting one to start at 40 below was an interesting adventure. . . but what’s life without a little challenge?)

His test list includes:
BMW 335d, BMW 535d, BMW 123d, Audi A6 TDI, VW Jetta TDI, and pulling up the rear is the Mercedes Benz ML320

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