18000 Miles in an F20 120d

Part of the perks of moving to Germany is the ability to sample the fruits of European only offerings from BMW- The all new 1 series being one of them. In all honesty it was a huge toss up between the F30 3er and the One when it came to the purchase but the truth is, the 120d just hit the right spot in all areas.

Counter Steer: Comparing Apples to Oranges

There was a time when BMW was the standard for driving sedans in any variety offered, from base model on up to top of the line ///M versions. For better or worse that time has passed. A side effect of that makes comparing today\'s models to those of yesteryear a bit unfair, the market has changed and the cars have changed along with the wants of the buying public. However there is a way to make the tendency to compare present to past more reasonable.