M to Show-Off Prototype 1M at Oktoberfest?

That ‘s the rumor at the BMWCCA.org. Like the E60 M5 we ‘re being led to believe that M will give the US owners club a sneak peak at the most anticipated M product in years. Here ‘s to hoping they ‘re right. However we can ‘t help but think the surprise may end up being the F10 M5 instead of the 1M.

Oh and a bonus to make your Friday all the better, above is the next semi-official video showing off the 1M. The latest word from sources on the car suggests the engine will be N54 based as the N55 with Valvetronic presented too many engineering challenges for such a short development time.

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  • mellowmcs

    guys octoberfest is nothing like bimmerfest. octoberfest is a week long event with racing, rally, etc. not just a simple gathering of bmws and their owners.

  • JonPD

    I will be there is there is a glimmer of a chance of the 1M making its appearance!

  • Drill

    Damn, if it were at the REAL OktoberFest in Munich then I’d be able to go check it out 🙁

    • I am usually in Munich for the real deal myself, seems like false advirtising to me when there is no Augustiner, 1///M or not.

  • goat

    Based on this video, and the earlier one where EVO’S Chris Harris rode shotgun with a BMW test driver, the 1M motor seems slow-revving and with a wholly uninspiring “soundtrack”. Let’s hope it isn’t final intake/exhaust tune?

    OTOH, the grinning driver is clearly enjoying the overall package and the go-where-you-point handling, so that’s encouraging…

  • JonPD

    I do have to agree the soundtrack is still in need of a bit of change. Sounds a little laid back and lazy.