For the 2010 Model Year BMW is offering a new option package for both X6 models. This option is known as “Performance Upgrade ” and as option code 7RR. It must be combined with the Sports Package (ZSP), but is not required if you only want ZSP. The cost of 7RR is $1500 (in addition to ZSP) and in the grand scheme of things is flat out cheap for the added performance it gives you.

With this performance option you receive increased engine output with both the 6 and 8 cylinder motors.
The X6 50i will see a 40 hp bump along with peak torque now reaching 480 lb-ft at 2000 RPMS, a 30 lb-ft increase. The X6 35i sees its torque increase to 330 lb-ft at 1600 RPMS and horsepower up 20 to 320.

Since people love to drag race in X6s, the 0-60 time of the 35i drops to 6.3 seconds while the 50i comes in at 5.1; so an X6 in V8 form will still beat the pants of an inline six. All you drag racers are recommended to get the 50i! Last but not least is that the EPA numbers have not changed for either vehicle, so even with the added performance fuel mileage is unchanged- How did they do that? We are trying to figure that out as well!

This is a factory installed option and is available for 2010 X6s, whether or not this option will be introduced to other models is anyone ‘s guess at this time but we will continue to update you as we hear more.